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Origins: China, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Africa

Manufacture: Only the pure buds of the Camellia sinensis bush are plucked and laid out on blankets in the sun to dry. Once dried, the leaves are sorted and separated from any waste materials and non bud leaves. The waste leaves are often used as a less elite White Tea, this is what Pai Mu Tan / Bei Mu Dan is.

Story: White Teas originated in China, most likely the Fujian Province in the East. Over the years, White Teas began to be manufactured in other Provinces around China and on in to other tea producing countries around the world.

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Large white buds delicately made in the same way as a Chinese Ying Zhen. The liquor is light ..
  From the Fujian hills of Eastern China, this tea is created using the finest Green and..
  (Jasmine Silver Needle) This white tea is produced by the imperial plucking method, pe..
  The leaf is chopped and brownish in colour. The liquor is light amber, slightly full, ..
  Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) is produced in the Fujian Province of Eastern China. During t..
Snow Bud has a beautiful silvery leaf manufactured from the finest white leaves of the highlands ..
  From the lower hills of the Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province, the tea has been expertl..
 (Silver Needle) This white tea is produced by the imperial plucking method, performed at da..
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