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  A black leaf that is flavoured with bitter almond. Brew with freshly drawn boiled ..
  A Chinese black leaf blended with Almond pieces and scented with Almond flavour. B..
  A black leaf that is blended with apple pieces and scented with apple flavouring. ..
  A black leaf that is blended with Marigold Petals and scented with apricot flavouring...
  A black leaf based blend that is lightly spiced with a fruit and clove character. ..
  A black leaf that is blended with Blackberry leaves and scented with cherry, and wild ..
  A black leaf blended with Blackberry Leaves and scented with Blackcurrant flavour. ..
Also known as Red Bush, it is produced in South Africa. Rooibos is known to have excellent antiox..
  A black leaf that is blended with different coloured petals and scented with fruit fla..
A black Chinese leaf that is blended with cocoa husk, cocoa beans, sunflower petals, and scented ..
  Using the finest China Keemun tea for its base, this blend has been delicately scented..
  A green leaf blended with sugar ice crystals, pink pepper, chocolate chips, and clove ..
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