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This is a very special tea! Painstakingly manufactured by hand into a fine oolong during the 2nd ..
This rare Chinese tea has a large brown leaf, with good golden tip resulting in a bright amber li..
This tea is very carefully manufactured by hand so as not to damnage any part of the leaf. The re..
This tea has dark green tightly rolled leaves. It produces a brownish yellow liquor, and has a wa..
From Nantou County (the only landlocked county in Taiwan), comes this fantastic partially oxidise..
Milk Oolong is produced in both China and Taiwan. This is the latter and has been produced in the..
  A well made brown leaf in this typical of Taiwanese manufacture. The tea is produced w..
Produced in Nantou Province in Taiwan, at a relatively low elevation. This tea is darker then mos..
  From the hills of Formosa (Taiwan), comes this spectacular tea. The leaf is large and ..
  Large brown Oolong leaf with Orange peel. The liquor is deep red with a distinctive ci..
This Oolong tea has a large black leaf, resulting in a bright brown liquor. the flavour draws fro..
This rare African oolong has a large light brown leaf, resulting in a light brown liquor. the fla..
  Oolong tea manufactured in the Fujian Province of China. This tea is named after the f..
  The leaf is similar to a Tie Kuan Yin in appearance, but is slightly more open. The li..
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