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A well made neat leaf with bold tip. This tea has a bright and brisk qualtiy with slight vegetal ..
This organic tea has a small neat leaf, which produces a classic first flush character with a bri..
  This organic Darjeeling has a very well made leaf. The liquor is deep and rich giving ..
A large leaf with tip. This tea has a sweet, vibrant 1st flush character, producing a very light,..
  This mid season Darjeeling has a very well made leaf with plenty of silver tip (denoti..
  A good neat little green leaf  with a slightly full Darjeeling character and a hi..
  Taiwanese black leaf with a full smokey character. Brew with freshly drawn boiled ..
A beautifully made leaf of pure gold - very similar to the Assam Golden Tip. The liquor is is..
  A good neat Chinese black leaf. Has a bright infusion, with a deep and slightly nutty ..
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