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  A good neat leaf that produces a full malty character. Brew with freshly drawn boi..
  A good neat shotty leaf, full bodied and brisk, with a good rounded flavour. Brew ..
  A small neat leaf, with tip. Good rounded flavour with a little quality. Brew with..
Quite simply, the rarest and most special tea we have on stock (as the price suggests!) This is a..
  Organic tea from Assam. A small neat leaf, with tip. Good rounded flavour with a littl..
  An organic tea from Assam. The leaf is large and bold with tip (denoting quality). The..
  During the Opium wars (around 1839) which stopped Britain and China trading in tea, th..
  Produced on the bank of the Brahmaputra River in the Assam Valley in North East India...
A pointed tower shaped tea that is made from black tea, hand tied together and compressed into sh..
This tea has small twisted black leaves. It produces a bright mid-brown liquor and has a flavour ..
  From The Dimbula district of central Sri Lanka, comes this flavoury packet sized tea. ..
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