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No one knows for certain when tea first arrived in the UK. We do know that is was popular as early as 1660 and that it was Catherine Breganza of Portugal, wife of King Charles 2nd, who helped to promote “taking tea” in to a popular pastime.

Later, around the 1800’s, Anna, Duchess of Bedford, came about the idea of having Afternoon Tea  between lunch and dinner in order to stave off hunger – the tradition grew and is still very popular in hotels and tea shops around the country today.

Although the vast majority of tea is grown in warmer climates, there is one UK estate in Cornwall called Tregothnan that grows and manufactures tea. There are also a great number of herbs grown within the UK and Europe – these are often drunk straight or blended and/or scented to create fruit or herbal infusions

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  A blend of white leaf, and green leaf with jasmine flowers and rose petals, scented wi..
  A blend of China black tea with Ginger pieces and ginger flavouring. The leaf is clean..
  Manufactured in Nigeria from naturally grown Ginger. The root is cut and dried to allo..
  Produced in Nigeria, this is very finely cut Hibiscus Flower that produces an intensel..
  Large whole Hibiscus produced in Nigeria. The liquor is intensely sweet. A good herb f..
  Honeybush is a herbal tea grown is South Africa. It is very similar to Rooibos but has..
  A black leaf that is blended with orange peel, and clove buds, and scented with spice ..
  Chai is drunk all of Asia in many different forms. The truest way to drink it is ..
  Blended from the finest Assam and Ceylon teas by our expert blenders. This orthodox bl..
  Green Tea, manufactured in the Spring, is scented with Japanese Cherry to give a light..
  Produced in China, these yellow flowers add colour and visual appeal to blends. ..
  Manufactured from the finest green leaves that have been lightly steamed and then gent..
  Manufactured from the finest green leaves that have been lightly steamed and then gent..
  Produce of Croatia, Have a very strong flavour, are excellent for blending with other ..
  Highest quality Lavender from France. A sweet smelling herb that adds a nice scent to ..
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