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Tea was first brought to Japan from China in 805 by Buddhist monks on envoy from their emperor. Tea planting was encouraged and trade in the product grew. Japans history is steeped in tea with the most obvious link being to the Japanese Tea Ceremony which is still practised all over the world today. Japanese tea is grown much of the time beneath blankets in order to slow the growth and thus allow more nutrients to be pulled up through the soil allowing for a nutritious and pungent liquor. With “Matcha Tea”, the leaf is ground and whisked in order for the consumer to not only ingest the liquor but the leaf too – allowing for further nutritional benefit.

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  Also known as “The People’s Tea”, this was originally drunk by the poorer classes who ..
  A large brown folded leaf, with a deep brown liquor that possesses a smooth toasty cha..
  A dark green flat leaf. The liquor has a lemony colour and a light, and smooth charact..
  A very fine dark green powder, produces a dark green liquor with a slight sarsaparilla..
  A later harvest (which is the basic grade of Sencha), is enhanced by covering the leav..
  The highly regarded Shizuoka region of Japan produces this incredible, needle like, da..
  A neat, mixed green leaf and yellow stalk. Possesses a lemon coloured liquor, with a s..
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