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It is believed by many that tea growing and drinking began in China. Legend tells how in 2737BC Emperor Shen Nung was sitting beneath a Camellia tree when a few leaves dropped from the branches and landed in the water he was boiling. Tea has been synonymous with China ever since and China still remains one of the largest tea producing countries in the world.

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Green and white tea is hand tied around red and orange flowers to create this blooming tea. Once ..
  Manufactured from the finest leaves that have been part fired to reduce the moisture c..
Produced in the Anhui Province of China, this is a bright tea with a slight nutty character. ..
  Green leaf from the Anhui Province of Eastern China. The liquor is emerald green in th..
Snow Bud has a beautiful silvery leaf manufactured from the finest white leaves of the highlands ..
This is a large green leaf, which produces a light liquor and tastes a little sweet. Let fres..
  Also known as “ The Goddess of Mercy” – Chinese legend tells of a poor man, who doted ..
  Chinese legend tells that many centuries ago a simple servant, who spent his days clea..
  Chinese legend tells that many centuries ago a simple servant, who spent his days clea..
A small tea cake in a paper wrapper. The liquor is deep brown and has a light peaty character. ..
  From the lower hills of the Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province, the tea has been expertl..
  A tightly rolled flowering tea, that opens up into a yellow and pink flower when brewe..
 (Silver Needle) This white tea is produced by the imperial plucking method, performed at da..
Much favoured as a breakfast tea in China, Yunnan teas possess a subtle, malty flavour with a fin..
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