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  The finest Blackberry leaves, produced in Poland. An excellent addition to herbal blen..
  Produced on the Egyptian plains. This has a remarkable calming effect, for which it is..
  Also known as Red Bush, it is produced in South Africa. Rooibos is known to have excel..
Our Cornflower Petals originate from Eastern Europe where they are often found growing naturally ..
  Produced in Hungary, a herbal tea that is believed to possess many health benefits. ..
  Elderflower is a light floral herbal tea produced in the Czech Republic. It is especia..
  The finest fennel seeds from the Mediterranean. They possess a taste similar to anisee..
  Manufactured in Nigeria from naturally grown Ginger. The root is cut and dried to allo..
  Produced in Nigeria, this is very finely cut Hibiscus Flower that produces an intensel..
  Large whole Hibiscus produced in Nigeria. The liquor is intensely sweet. A good herb f..
  Honeybush is a herbal tea grown is South Africa. It is very similar to Rooibos but has..
  Produced in China, these yellow flowers add colour and visual appeal to blends. ..
  Produce of Croatia, Have a very strong flavour, are excellent for blending with other ..
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